Aug 22, 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge, a stunt designed to raise awareness and money for ALS, has become a viral phenomenon on social media, as participants post videos of themselves pouring or having someone else pour a bucket of ice water over their head, and then challenge someone else to repeat the act or make a donation. This week, the ALS Association announced it had received nearly $42M in donations over three weeks. But not all attempts to aid a cause have been so successful...

Least Popular Fundraising Stunts

—The ALS Challenge, where you give yourself ALS to raise awareness for ice buckets. (Joe)

—The Cleaning Up After a Dinner Party Challenge (Jameson)

—Locks of Loveā€¦ Down There (Tenessa)

—Felching for a Cure (Matt)

—Sucker Punch Tom Hanks in His Beloved 58-Year-Old Face to Raise Money for the Westboro Baptist Church to Later Picket His Funeral (Brandon)

The Simpsons Challenge, where you try to watch even two minutes of FXX's "Every Simpsons Ever" marathon without getting a headache since they CROPPED AND SQUISHED THE OLD EPISODES TO FIT HDTVs. (Joe)

—The Tiger Taunting Challenge (Jameson)

—Crab Walk to End Crabs (Matt)

—The Punch Yourself In the Dick Challenge, to raise awareness of what it feels like to be a Cleveland Browns or Minnesota Vikings fan when your first-round QB can't even beat out Brian Hoyer or Matt Cassel for the starting job. (Joe)

—The Wave a Gun in Traffic Challenge (Jameson)

—A good ol' fashioned dunk tank, but the tank is actually a hole in the ground. And instead of water, it's filled with bugs and worms. Oh, hey! Turns out this is actually being buried alive. But, you know, for charity. (Tenessa)

—The 90-Day No-Masturbation Challenge (Jameson)

—Poop on Someone Else's Chest to Support Colon Cancer Screenings (Matt)

—The Watch a Transformers Movie on Purpose Challenge (Jameson)

—The Ice Bucket Challenge Challenge, to raise awareness of pussies who do the Ice Bucket Challenge with clearly no ice in the bucket, just water. (Joe)

—The Burn a Pile of Money Which Could Have Been Donated to Charity Challenge (Jameson)

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