Jun 24, 2016

Disney Pixar's latest movie Finding Dory made a big splash last weekend, earning over $135 million, the highest opening for an animated feature to date. The follow-up to 2003's megahit Finding Nemo adds to Disney's recent success in bringing popular characters back to the screen–and sequels are already in the works for Frozen, Cars, The Incredibles, and others. However, not every sequel idea is ready for the green light...

Rejected Disney Sequels

President Dumbo (Brandon)

James and the Tiniest of Kumquats (Matt)

Sleeping Beauty 2: Too Sleepy, Too Drowsy (Dan)

We Just Photoshopped a Tow Truck Over an Old Larry the Cable Guy Standup Hour (Joe)

Ratatouille and the Delicious Frayed Water Heater Wire (Jameson)

Shooty Shooty Bang Bang (Dan)

Frozen Hamilton (Mike)

Bambi's Revenge (Brandon)

The Many Times Winnie the Pooh Just Sat and Ate Honey All Day in His Den (Matt)

Brexit Ralph (Joe)

Star Wars Babies (Dan)

Cars Episode I: Flaming Dirigibles (Mike)

Up 2: No Good (Jameson)

Erotic Toy Stories (Dan)

The Fox & the Hound & the Trouble with ISIS (Brandon)

The Nightmare Before Christmas: At the In-laws (Matt)

Steampunk Willie (Mike)

The Sword That Keeps Getting Stuck in the Same Goddammed Stone (Matt)

Snow White and the House Meeting About How Often Her New Boyfriend Stays Over (Jameson)

Song of the South 2: Uncle Remus Tells Tales of Illegal Mexican Immigrants (Brandon)

Chippendales Rescue Rangers (Joe)

The Princess and the Guy Whose OK Cupid Profile Said He Identifies as a Frog (Jameson)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Trial of the Century (Matt)

The Titans? Never Heard Of 'Em (Joe)

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